Car Detailing consists of a number of specialist techniques and procedures incorporating a ph neutral safe wash system / chemical decontamination process / soft claying and the process of paint correction and refinement.
The process is carried out using a dual action machine polisher, an extensive range of professional polishes and polishing pads.
We can restore the condition of the vehicle's paintwork which is damaged by weathering. Swirl marks caused by poor wash techniques, light scratches, holograms etc.
We also remove embedded contaminants such as hard rain, industrial fallout, insect splatter, and bird stains can all contribute to surface damage and leave the paintwork looking dull faded and losing its depth of shine and clarity.
Here at Impressive Valeting we can repair and reverse the imperfections to create a spectacular finish, which leaves your vehicle looking better than new and gleaming.
Once the process is complete clients are advised on a selection of bespoke vehicle Ceramic coatings packages to help protect the vehicle after it leaves.
We are very proud to be accredited partners with leading edge companies such as Supagard and MATRIX and Autosmart international allowing us to offer unrivaled levels of protection and enhanced durability and shine to our clients.

We can offer 3 / 5 / 10 Year coatings with a manufactures Warranty for piece of mind.


From £400 and includes a free 1 stage paint correction and enhancement.



From £250 / POA + Ceramic Package from £400
(Recommended for cars in need of light enhancement to remove swirl marks and imperfections)
• 1 Stage of compounding followed by a refinement stage
• Removes 70% of swirl marks and scratches
All of Our packages include a free stain proofing treatment of the vehicle's carpets and upholstery as standard.
Leather protection can be added to the package at a cost of £60
Aftercare can also be supplied for and additional cost.
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