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Our service level agreement package


Impressive Valeting can provide the total outsource management of your vehicle preparation requirements ranging from valeting, service washing, site maintenance, PDI's, vehicle delivery and collection, odour elimination etc. In addition, we can also provide cleaning services for showrooms offices and workshop areas etc.

We provide a comprehensive quality valeting solution to you that includes labour, chemicals, equipment, materials, management and the quality control systems necessary to ensure your vehicle preparation is of an exceptionally high quality standard. We provide fully trained and experienced operatives.

If you are running a trade show or are exhibiting in an event in the UK we can also supply support teams who can ensure that your vehicles are properly prepared. In addition we are one of a few valeting companies that have fully equipped mobile units that can be used to valet your customers cars off premises or double up as a wet bay on premises if required. Our charges are all inclusive which will include labour, materials and accommodation if required.


Our commitment to you


As no two companies are identical we take great care analysing your requirements, and from this, we then create your customer profile. This profile is built into your service level agreement with us thus ensuring that your priorities remain in focus.

Quite simply at Impressive Valeting do not cut corners. We specialize in producing the ultimate in prestige valeting and specialist vehicle preparation. We share the same principals as you with our commitment to excellence in terms of, the quality of our products, the high training of our staff, and the exacting standards that we maintain focused on customer service.


Part of a team


Our aim is to seamlessly integrate within your team. We take time to understand your business systems and we seek to retain close working relationships with your staff.

We deliver our services with the remit that is geared to achieving exceptional customer satisfaction. In addition, we undertake to exceed your expectations of us, and therefore in turn, exceed your customers' expectations of you.



Innovation and support


We continually strive to innovate by applying our knowledge and experience to both dealerships and traders. There are a number of ways that we achieve this for example:-

. We operate fully mobile units with onboard power, water and equipment that can, if required, operate as an extension to your valet bays.

. We use only leading edge market products.


. We have diverse experience in a number of standard and bespoke electronic systems designed to enable you to control your budget spend.


. We enhance the relationship with you customers by applying our knowledge to difficult valeting issues thus providing you with the solutions that you need, when you need them.


. We can be flexible to deal with variations is sales volumes.


. We can valet vehicles at your customers home or office(s).


. We offer advice to you on value added valeting services.

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