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Impressive Valeting is a privately owned business whose principals have over 25 years experience within the car valeting industry covering dealerships, body shops, preparation centres, auction houses, rental companies, fleet and commercial operators, retail centres and other local traders.

We did not choose our name by mistake. The choice of our name is synonymous with the quality that we provide to you. We take great pride in the standard of our work. The benefit to you is that your vehicle stock is presented to your customers in the best possible condition both internally and externally.

Impressive Valeting operates within a strategic UK car valeting network thus ensuring that you have complete geographical coverage if required. We have combined our collective skills to create a new business framework focused on quality car valeting and customer care.

Our car valeting services have been designed using our unique experience in the valeting industry thereby enabling us to provide two distinct types of customer service which we call Retail and Trade




This is a comprehensive valeting service designed specifically for car dealerships, preparation centres, body shops, auction houses, rental companies, fleet and commercial operators, retail centres and other car traders. We can provide total management of your vehicle preparation requirements ranging from valeting, PDI's and driving services, to odour elimination etc. This is the division of our website that you are now in. If you are a Retail customer (see below) switch to our Retail division.

We are always able to assist you if you also require the provision of related services. Confident enough to approach us? See our testimonials they speak for themselves and the slogan we chose "Quality Shines Through" demonstrates our commitment to providing you with only the best car valeting service available.


Please feel free to contact us as we are always delighted to discuss your requirements.



Retail - this is a mobile car valeting service responsible for the valeting of individual, businesses and company vehicles either at your home, place of work or other location. To redirect to our Retail division click here

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